Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year in Review

Wow... 2011 has sure been full... Full of challenges... Full of hardships... And full of joy.

I decided I should probably do a quick recap... So that I remember... all the challenges, hardships and joy. 

January 2011- I got a promotion... I was thrilled! I switched offices and got a slightly longer commute... but it was wonderful! 

Then... I got sick... We thought it was an appendicitis... but we were wrong.

February 2011- Doctors decided to do a diagnostic laparoscopy... I was devastated to find out that I had endometriosis... little did I know that this year could have more health issues in store. Quickly I changed my diet, changed my routines and tried to combat it as much as possible.

March 2011- I checked my credit score... I had previously not had a score, but since I bought my car "Wendy" my score had skyrocketed! 750 baby!!! woot woot! I realized that I could probably... get pre-approved for a mortgage! And good thing... cause I had promised my parents I'd  be moved out by the time I was 24 and a half... I celebrated my 24th birthday with friends at the roller-rink. It was wonderful!

April 2011- I went house shopping... And I got pre-approved... Then I made an offer! God was watching out for me when I didn't get the little 500 square foot studio condo that I had hoped for. 

Days before my offices' "Royal Wedding Party" (yes I am that much of a nerd... Yes... I planned it) I was rushed to the urgent care by my boss... Doctor said I probably had a kidney infection (It all makes sense now... apparently when you have nerve issues that cause bladder issues kidney infections are common) 

May of 2011- I was stuck at home... with a fever... and no clue what my body was doing. I started blogging about my trials... after being told that the disease I had had at 18 was probably back... my heart sunk.  Why me? I couldn't help but think.

June 2011- I went through many "paper napkin" tests... Thankfully, at the oncologist/hematologist, I found out... My castleman's disease wasn't back... praise the Lord. The inflamed lymph-nodes were probably just from the kidney infection. I wasn't better though... Still out of work... 

July 2011- I started seeing the specialists... My days were filled with the rheumatologist, endocrinologist, infectious disease doctor... Finally at the end of July... My fever broke... and I was thrilled to be allowed to go back to work part time. I wasn't able to go on the camping trip my sis and I had planned... but that's ok... we made up for it in November :)

August 2011- Suprise! My parents bought a new house... and we moved... I learned what a fabric hoarder I was... 

I started to loose my vision and the doctor temporarily took away my driving. This is also the month I swallowed a camera... yep... I'm that cool. What makes me cooler? I posted a picture of the camera after it came out... snazzy!!! Oh.. and I went back to work full time!

September 2011- I learned I needed to trust my Lord with everything... again. I questioned how I could ever be loved... how anyone would ever date me.  (which honestly... I still wonder and worry about... I know I shouldn't... but I do.)

October 2011- After a very unpleasant and invasive test... I finally got a diagnosis... that led to the "actual kind-of diagnosis" in December... I had nerve issues... I spent October researching neuro-muscular and demyelinating disorders... All while keeping it close... not telling everyone that we thought we were on the right path... 

November- Was a great month. My sister and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. It was wonderful. I started seeing my new Neurologist... who seemed to move quicker than the old one. And I was encouraged at the thought of finally being diagnosed.

December 2011- The month started off difficult as I realized more and more how serious this illness is. Then.. on the 6th... I fell... this sped everything up. I had a lumbar puncture scheduled for the next week... I was told I had to get a walker and a cane.  Lilly and Kandy have been my constant companions ever since... I spent a few days in the hospital with complications from the LP. And I still have bruised arms from the 43 sticks.  But just 2 days ago... I learned I am getting stronger...  I am thrilled. 

Wow... This has been quite the year... All in all... even on the hard days I've seen the blessings. One of my biggest blessings has been this blog. It has been wonderful to be able to write out my feelings and direct people this way for updates (so I don't have to explain it a million times). Thank you for your support, prayers, and love. I am so thankful that you take the time to read through my ramblings, laughs, and tears. 

I'm ready for 2012... Now the only question I have is... Are you ready? 

I hope you will continue to ride with me through the trials and joys of a New year :) 

Thanks again!

xoxo- me

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