Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was filled with joy! On Christmas eve we went to our candlelight service at church. It was wonderful. As always, my sister and I had a hard time controlling our giggles as the hot wax dripped onto our fingers. It was a wonderful time of remembering Christ's birth and why he came.

On Christmas morning, my parents headed off to church while I rested at home (I didn't want to be too exhausted when the family came over). The family arrived at about one o'clock and we enjoyed our Christmas ham. On Christmas eve I had put together an amazing ginger pear cheesecake... and it was the PERFECT dessert. (Don't tell my PT that I stood for so long without resting... or that I wasn't using my walker... but holding onto the counters instead).

This Christmas I decided to make all of my Christmas presents... Knowing that I have to meet my deductibles in January I knew I needed to save my money (and I have about 94750925740 hours on my hands right now)... so for about 30 bucks (all together) I crocheted all my Christmas presents :) I've been waiting to show you... forever... and guess what... I forgot to take pictures of almost everything... but I'll get pictures soon :) I just have to steal the presents back.

 I did get a picture of the hats I gave to my cousins. The one on the left is for my 14 year old cousin.. I asked what she wanted and she sent me a picture... I made the pattern for the blue hat. The other is for my 12 year old cousin... I knew he loved angry birds... and I found this tutorial on youtube to make an Angry Birds hat. I made a couple modifications... and I added a couple of rows after he opened it ( only took me about 12 minutes to make it longer) so that it fit him well.

All in all Christmas was wonderful.

Yesterday at physical therapy I received some great news... I'M GETTING STRONGER!!!!!  Yep... STRONGER! This is a huge blessing. I had been told not to expect to get stronger quickly... and that the some of the weakness is sometimes permanent (I am thankful that the doctors are honest with me... it isn't discouraging when I hear such things... I'd rather be surprised by improvement than disappointed by none). I went home nearly dancing... and I might have been chanting, "I'm getting stronger! I'm getting stronger!".

Today I woke up sore... Like... I want to disconnect my legs sore. This morning I hauled my sorry behind back to PT and worked it off again. But today I had a question for my PT.

"So you know how yesterday you said I was stronger?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes" She said with some hesitation in her voice... knowing by now that if she gives me a little praise I run with it to the hills.

"Well I was wondering if, since I am stronger... well do you think it would be ok... well... do you think my legs have enough control to drive?"  I asked hesitantly.

With the kindest eyes on the planet she giggled a little bit and said, "No... sorry... not quite yet"

Content with her answer... and knowing I was probably jumping the gun... I finished my session... having fun the whole way... I really do love my physical therapist. She is an angel.

I got home... and received a call... My short term disability has finally been approved... Praise the Lord. I am so thankful for that insurance... it covers 60 percent of my pay while I'm out of work. Now... I just can't wait to get back :) We are aiming for the middle of January... hopefully my strength continues cause I'm going stir crazy!

Now... My sore body has got to get some rest.

I'd love to hear about your Christmas :) Please comment and tell me your favorite part!!!

xoxo- me


Mama Mote said...

Being back in San Luis Obispo was a great part of our Christmas. We did go to Oregon first to visit my other daughter. This year, since we saw almost everyone at Thanksgiving, we had a very quiet Christmas. Had some time with my brother-in-law and his family, then time with my daughter and her husband (who live by us in LA). Funny we had to see them in SLO for Christmas, but it was fun.
Glad to hear you are getting stronger. Yes, it's hard to take it slow, esp. when you have even a little bit of progress. It'll happen in time. Praying for you. Maybe we'll get to meet you someday. You guys are close to us, so hoping to come by sometime.

Rachel said...

That sounds wonderful! I LOVE SLO... If I had to live anywhere else... it would be there :)

Thanks for the encouragement... and I'd love to meet you too :)

Anonymous said...

Had the family here for Christmas Eve. Dinner prep was exhausting, but my cooking buddy of a husband helped so much. It was fun having our 2 1/2 year old Great-granddauther here. [If she didn't get her way immediately it was, "Let's go home!" LOL] It was so nice to have almost everyone here at one time; a rare occurance. Church Sunday morning was uplifting and anchored the day. Our good friend, Jeannie, came over for dinner only to find out that the frig in the garage had FROZEN our turkey. Fortunately we had leftovers from the day before. Good lessons: Be patient, be prepared!