Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sister trip to the GRAND CANYON

A couple of weekends ago my sister and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. We had missed our annual camping trip (ahem... because of this silly Mustard Seed) And I really haven't been up for all the work that camping entails. 
Last Fall we took a trip to the Grand Canyon with some fellow leaders of our jr high and highschool group at church. We had enjoyed ourselves so much (except for the NASTY hotel we thought would be wonderful... and ended up looking more like a crime scene... and when your pool is "milky" yeah... you just don't go in) that we wanted to go and spend more time. But this time... we were booking through an agency... so we didn't get a nasty hotel.
So... We visited our local AAA office and booked our trip. 
Now... This trip took place over the weekend of my 6 year surgery anniversary. I have celebrated it every year (I celebrated being healthy... and life... this year, that was a little hard for me. I was celebrating the fact that I am still alive... and I am getting through this new challenge.) ... and I always take some time off around that time... makes a good excuse to take a vacation :) 

So after work on Wednesday we headed off to Kingman Arizona. When we pulled into our hotel it was 11 pm California time. And it was FREEEZING! We went into the little motel we had booked months before (not part of the AAA package) and checked in. 

The receptionist sent us across the parking lot to our room on the second floor... with no elevator (I'm exhausted at this point... legs are weak... I prayed on every step... "Oh Lord let my legs not give out") We make it up to our room... carrying way too much luggage for just one night (but we are girls... and have way too many choices) 
Naomi slides the key in the door... and it doesn't open. 

I slide it in... it doesn't open...

We push our body weight against the door... and it doesn't open...

There is an icicle forming on my nose. 

Poor Naomi walks down the stairs... across the parking lot... to the office and tells the lady of our troubles.  They then walk over together... the lady stands down stairs and yells at us what to do... Pretty soon she gets frustrated... (our fingers are now falling off  wishing we had been wearing gloves) and she comes upstairs.

She tries the key... it doesn't work... Then with all of her body weight and a few jiggles of the handle she pushes the door open. 
"See it isn't that hard" She says

Naomi and I get into the room and lay on the hardest most uncomfortable beds known to man (I have never missed my mattress...  yes... that's a link on the word Mattress to the kind of mattress I have... and yes... I spent enough money on it... but... It has literally helped my health so much... I am so thankful I got it. ) Naomi Gave me... all the pillows... and I made a little nest for myself. And almost made it comfortable. 

The next morning we ate at the Cracker barrel... it was amazing... I loved it. 

Then we hit the road.  
We had to stop at the Truck that inspired Mator from Cars.
And I had to pretend to use an outhouse :)
Then we went to the Grand Canyon Caverens... I hate caves... with a passion... But somehow... Because I love my sister so much... she Got me to go down the elevator and take the tour.
But there was no way I would ever sleep in the Hotel in the cave... Yes you can sleep there for 700 bucks a night.

It was after this picture that I surely thought I would die... He started talking about earthquakes in the cave... and I really really needed to get out. The whole tour had railing (which I have never been more thankful for) and I made it.
Don't I look thrilled... Yes... this is after...

Then we ate at a little place called the roadkill cafe... It was wonderful... cute and fun... We had Chili

Later that afternoon we arrived at The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams Arizona... it was wonderful... Clean and pretty... and the mattresses weren't... too bad..

The next morning... We got on a train to go to the grand Canyon :)

Sorry about the finger in the shot... You can't be too picky when you ask strangers to take your photo :)

That evening as we ate dinner... we watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon... and yes... our food looked better in person :) 

On the Train ride there... this Gentleman made us laugh with his creative harmonica entertainment :)

That evening... We almost died... 

Ok... that might be a bit of a dramatic statement. We were trying to get to a ranger talk... we thought the path was lit... Let me tell you... when the sun goes down... you really can't see much in the grand canyon... We were walking... and I reminded Naomi that I don't have much balance... and I fall easily... and we were on the edge of the CANYON! so she decided to walk on the edge side... Soon... there were no more lights on the path... and she looked at me and said, "Do you think we should turn back?"
Now... I was pretty sure some crazy man was going to jump out... and throw us over the edge (realistic right?) 

Then she told me she was more worried about the bears... and mountian lions... and I decided her fears were more realistic and we turned around and went back... in the dark. Finally when we were safe and sound in our hotel I called my mom... 
"mom... we almost died" 

She fully knows my over-dramatic tendencies... and asked for clarification... after I explained... She said "You could have died... I'm glad you are safe" 
(she was probably worried about my balance and falling issues not mountain lions or crazy men who throw people into the canyon... ahem... wild imagination.) 

Then... Naomi and I went to sleep... because the next morning... we were being crazy folks... and waking up at as I always say... and pardon my rudeness "the butt crack of dawn" (can you tell I have a bit of early morning hatred?) 

So that we could see the grand canyon at sunrise.
Do I look cold?

Mmmk... these are out of order... not sunrise... these were from the day before... isn't the canyon amazing!!!?!?!?

Now back to sunrise....
Here we are... at 5 am... on the bus... going to see the sunrise... Naomi the early bird... and I the night owl...

but it was beautiful

absolutely gorgeous!

after sunrise... we ate breakfast at the fancy hotel at the grand canyon... cause... we deserved it...

We then spent the rest of the day... riding the bus from place to place taking in the view (this is how you "hike" if you can't... use public transportation... it was great)
we ate lunch on the edge of the canyon... so fun!
That evening we rode the train back to Williams and... sorry.. these are crooked...
We went on the Polar express train... a great way to wear your pjs in public without looking like a dingdong.

We ended our trip... back on route 66  and laughed the whole way...

I saw a wild donkey... and Naomi saw some wild boars... I am pretty sure my donkey was one of the descendants of the donkey Jesus road when he was on the earth ;-) But Naomi thought he was related to Eeyore. 

I am so thankful for my wonderful sister... She had to be the organized one on this trip... and made too many trips for me to the car... train... room... because of my weakness... but we did it... we had a great trip... and I am so thankful... 

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