Friday, January 6, 2012


A couple days ago I was awoken by something thumping into the ground outside.

The neighbors 2 doors down are selling their home. It is a nice home... gorgeous home. And they are selling it... Guess they are moving to greener pastures.

Yesterday, as I was threatening to never get out of bed again (eh... wasn't feeling so great), My mom opened the window and saw the sign...

"sure would be great if you could move in there." She said as she wiped the hair out of her eyes.

"Yes it would... single story... handicapped accessible... close enough that if I fell I could call you at 3 am for help.... but far enough away that if I wanted to cook fish for dinner dad wouldn't notice."

"I've actually been thinking about it... ever since I saw the sign go up." She appeared to get more excited.

"LOOK there is a phone number!" she said as she pulled out her phone to call.

"You are currently looking at a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Margarita." She hangs up.

"No I'm not... I think you have your houses confused." She says, obviously talking to a machine.

We started planning our day... figuring out how we were going to attack the doctors  call the doctors for updates.

Then it happened... her phone rang... from an unknown number.

"DON'T ANSWER IT!!!" I yelled!!!

We waited for her message beep... then dialed the voice-mail....

"Hello Alllliosoonn" Come on people... listen to who you are leaving a message for... "We saw that you wanted to get more information on a property in RSM." umm... no we didn't... your system is wrong.

So we deleted the message... and learned a very important lesson... always block your number before you call to get info on a house :)

As far as medical updates for me go... I'm continuing with PT... Sadly, I am now getting weak on my right side also... and my hands have been experiencing numbness... Please pray that they figure out how to make this better.

Now... All I need to do is find the end of the rainbow... so I can afford the house two doors down... So that at 3 am I can call "Mom, I feel down again... help" and she will hear me.. and walk over in her robe to pick her stubborn daughter off the floor. Man... that pot of gold better be at the end of the rainbow... my legs and Lilly the walker will be too tired from trying to find it. So it better be there!

Well either that or maybe I should write a book.


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