Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Isn't it funny how rain seems to make everything fresh and new? 

This morning I had the unpleasant task of contacting my insurance company and all of my current doctors. I dread the phone... absolutely dread it... I knew... first thing this morning... I had to call. I pulled my phone out grabbed my notepad and called... each time praying that I would have the strength to say what I needed to say... So I could get the help I needed to get. 

I was thrilled to watch the rain drop, from the palm trees out my window, as I was on the phone... trying my hardest to hold it together. Within an hour... all the calls had been made. Now I sit... and wait to see if my disability extension claim will get approved. It hurts my heart to think about all the dishonesty that happens with disability insurance. It makes it extremely difficult for those who truly need it. 
It really hurts.  
Today my wonderful dad started to install grab bars in and out of my shower (well he hasn't finished the inside one yet... but the outside is done)... So that I wont fall... I couldn't be more grateful. That has been one of my number one frustrations. 
Chatelaine and I have been spending plenty of time snuggling and watching the rain... I'm going to miss her like crazy when I head to the Mayo.

I've been making good use of my handicapped placard and I have enjoyed my ocean front parking space :) My mom and I have driven down a few times, sat in the car and eaten lunch... I couldn't ask for a better view.  

This afternoon I got a call from one of my nurses... but the funny thing was... I wasn't expecting her to call. I've never met her. I don't know her. But my phone said "Mayo Clinic". 

We talked for about a half an hour. She is my coordinating doctor's nurse. Slowly we discussed all my worries... like continuing with physical therapy so I don't loose strength... my weakness... and my ever changing broken body...
and she was amazing. She gave me her phone number if I had any more questions... which I already do... I will call her tomorrow. 

My heart sang. 

I can hardly wait to meet her.

Tonight, I am slightly regretting trying to look forward to the plans at the Mayo for continued Physical Therapy... as I lay sore from today... but I know that it is for the best. I've downloaded some new songs to help me relax through the testing that I've been promised to go through while in Arizona... it is going to be torture sometimes...

The Lord Provides my every need, even if it's the slow drip, drip, drop, of the rain while I make my calls... Now, I'm just waiting to see my Rainbow.


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