Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tube of Torture

Bang, Bang, Clack, Clack, CLACK, rumble rumble rumble, Brrrrriiiig, brrrrrriggg...

I spent over two hours in the "tube of torture" this morning. Thank you all who prayed that they would find my vein quickly. After the first two MRI's and half way through the 3rd he pulled me out...

"Don't move your head, don't speak... I am going to put the contrast in now."

I have the worst veins.. it usually takes a long time (my record currently stands at 17 pokes to find a vein) and it also takes a very detailed description by me of where my vein is located that never collapses.

My head starts to worry... and my heart starts to pray.

"You are going to feel a small poke... now"

"Oh please get it... and don't DON'T blow the vein out!" I thought to myself. "I'm not going through the pain of having the contrast injected in my skin again... Like Last time... That was horrible" (Oh... and Just so you know I remembered to remove my "who ha holder"

lol... Thankfully this time I was at a new facility... I'll never go back to that other one where they shot it in my skin...

"I'm half way done with the injection, do you feel any pain?" He asked

"Crazy man say what?!?! I thought you were still searching for my vein!!! I haven't felt anything go in?!?! I bet he hasn't started...oh wait... there's that taste... wow.. he's good... and kinda cute too... dear sir... can you come do all my mri's? let's go dancing in a field... I'll bring my walker... hmm... I wonder how I'll dance in a field with a walker" Yeah... I thought all of this... in a 20 second period staring at his baby blue eyes... then he finished... put me back in the tube of torture and I counted the plastic screws as he pushed me in... 2-4-6-8 I'm in.


Finally I was done... He said he got great pics of my spine... And I told him I hoped he would be there on Saturday for my MRI and MRA of my brain.

After that, my mom and I went to lunch... and I drank a ton of water (got to get that nasty contrast out of my body). Then... we headed to my office.

We had to drop off a tricycle and a hat I had purchased for a family we adopted as a branch for Christmas. (Instead of exchanging gifts we thought this was a nicer option for us.) My stomach had birds in it...

"I don't want to go in... I don't want to be seen... What will they think? What if my clients are there? Mmmk Rachel... this is something you have to do.. the little two year old would be so sad if he didn't get his tricycle for Christmas. Go in... hold your head high... Smile and be ok with your walker. If you are ok everyone else will be too. Remember... you haven't changed... just your body."

I walked in.. my mom held the tricycle and I had the hat in my purse that was strung across my body... My legs wobbled back and fourth. I opened the big glass doors that lead into our lobby..

Heart jumping... sweat coming.... breathe

I didn't see anyone. K... this is easy... drop it and run!!!!! no... that's not right... K... I peaked my head around the corner... leaving my walker unseen.

Then... with tear-filled eyes my boss came and gave me a hug. We talked for a few minutes... And told them about the MRI. And my boss said (about the cute MRI tech), "well of course you found the positive you are Rachel!"

I hugged my coworkers and left... Mom drove me down PCH and I watched the waves crashing on the shore...

It's ok, I'll make it.

Please pray that I can get my spinal tap scheduled... they haven't called me back... and I've called a few times. Please ask your friends to pray for me too... I need prayer coverage bad... Also please pray for healing... and encouragement.
xoxo- me


Sheila said...

Praying for you. I have been following you since your cousin Heather mentioned you on Facebook. I'm an old friend of her MIL's.

Cara said...

The MRI was the worst experience I had. I'm really not looking forward to it again for my brain with contrast and one without contrast. They need to figure out a way to make it more comfortable. The banging, shaking, intensely loud sound...the worst. My first one back in June I squeezed the emergency ball during it...they pulled me out and asked what was wrong. I asked them to stop shaking me. They said they weren't, it was free vibration from the sound. Ya, I hated it too!!!!!! I'm sooo nervous for mine :( Hope your spinal tap goes better then mine!!! I'll tell you about it after you have yours!!!!