Thursday, December 8, 2011


I took this picture a couple years ago on a sister's camping trip... The glistening water, the sweet birds, the green grass... I'm ready for a day of this.

But today... I'll be calling the hospital... trying to set up my lumbar puncture... again... and dealing with disability paperwork... again

(I really don't like calling them. "what's your diagnosis?" "I DON'T KNOW, STILL! But, apparently, at 24 you are still supposed to be able to walk on your own and I can't... The doctor think's this is a cause for concern. And He says I can't go to work." ugh... I really really don't like it... I feel like they think I'm a criminal!)

After that, I'm going to practice walking with my new cane "Kandy" and my new walker "Lilly" Yep... they got names.

But don't worry... I'll also be watching the sweet hummingbirds that fly to my window and drink from the flowers in my window box. Then, I'm going to linger over a cup of coffee... with lots of cream...  And then I will daydream... about watching the birds... who walk on the grass... by the lake.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?

xoxo- me


Kathleen said...

I escape in a good movie...usually a period piece like Jane Austin or Emma or any of the wonderful BBC movies on Netflix.

You are on my heart...know that I'm praying for you.

Love you.

Crysti & Jerome said...

I love the name Kandy for your cane. So perfect!

But I think you should rename Lilly. I think your walker should be named Texas Ranger. :) Hehe. Get it?

I love you friend! Hang in there!

Unknown said...

Rachel, when i'm overwhelmed, I have to let the waves roll over me as they come and surrender myself to them, with my hand mentally reaching out to my Savior for help. Sometimes that's all I got, just my unspoken plea for help and mercy and deliverance. Sometimes there just aren't words, just a little girl's hand reaching heavenward, like a helpless child, knowing Jesus will always be there on the other end. It doesn't take away the pain and the disappointment I feel in life at times, but focusing on His presence takes my eyes off myself for a little while. Then I can go forward until the next time...sometimes I am so weak and need Him too often for my own pride, but in our weakness, His strength is made perfect (i.e. not MY strength or yours). He can be strong for all of are in my thoughts and prayers...keep blogging, Cindy (and Cassie says she is praying for you too)