Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yay!!! I have some great news!!! My lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) is scheduled for Monday Morning!

She called when I was in the shower (Showering is now an event... apparently legs are helpful)... Left me a voicemail... asked me to call her back. I was discouraged that I had missed her call and when I returned her call I got her voicemail again. Then... she called!

"Ok... We can schedule it for Thursday."

"Is there any way we can schedule it for earlier... I really need to be back to work on Friday?"

 Yes... I really do need to be back at work. I have a training I have been trying to take for a future promotion... that I need to finish.

"Yeah.. we can do Monday, if you are available."

Praise the Lord... Praise the Lord.

Thank you for praying for me dear friends. I have been so encouraged by your prayers and letters the past few days.

Today... I even put make-up on... Cause I decided no crying today :)
Seriously... Make-up makes any girly girl feel better (even if I'm stuck in bed... resting...) Love you MAC :) ha ha!

Yesterday While waiting for my MRI I figured out a new use for Lilly... She makes a great foot rest ;)
I stole this from one of my friends on facebook... Totally describes how I'm feeling... good thing I brushed my hair though ;)

Thanks again for your prayers!

xoxo- me


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! It's so amazing how the Lord gives those small blessings to encourage us and keep us going. He's so good to us!. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

If you are getting a spinal tap make SURE that you drink a lot of liquids afterwards. When I was in the Navy years ago, I had surgery and they gave me a spinal and after I got off the IV for a day or so (still in the hospital) I had TERRIBLE headaches and was nausous. After a day or so of that they put me back on an IV and the headaches went away. A day or so later I told a new nurse what had happened and she said - "Oh that's not uncommon, sometimes the spinal sac leaks a little bit and until it heals the spinal fluid pressure can decrease and that reduces the pressure inside the head so that the brain rubs on the skull. You need to drink lots of liquids". Something I don't usually do - not liking water all that much. (Thanks for telling me that - NOW!!).

I later had to have a couple of other spinals for various reasons and made sure I drank liquids afterwards and had no problems. So it's nothing to worry about - just make sure you drink liquids (I think I'm perpetually somewhat dehydrated).

I'm praying for you ...