Friday, December 9, 2011

Learning to walk.

I'm a stubborn student... Any... and I mean ANY, of my teachers will tell you that.  I come back with snarky, but extremely funny, remarks to challenges... and I always have my head in the clouds. I'm cooperative... but... stubborn. If I think I can do something one way... I will... If I get corrected... I will prove try my hardest to prove to the teacher that there is more than one way of doing things... In the politest way possible of course.

Today I started physical therapy... with Lilly, Kandy and my therapist M (I really don't know how to spell her name... sounds like Maaaleeeahhhh). After she took my information... and started to realize how funny I am (I really should be on Jay Leno) and boosted my confidence by telling me I have a great outlook on this Mustard Seed... She made me get to work... Yeah... this is where my "I'm going to try my hardest to listen to you but I can't make any promises" kicked in...

She started by watching me "walk", which currently looks a little bit like a jello jiggler rolling across the floor, and then tested my balance and strength.

This is where I got discouraged... something as simple as standing on my toes is impossible for me now...

She told me that today we were working on safety... So I figured... I shouldn't be a mule... and I should actually let her give me some help (After all I am paying her to do that... figure I should let her). Carefully she held my hand and taught me how to walk.... again.

Yes I just said that.

I cracked some jokes, "I learned how to do this 23 years ago... guess it's time for a refresher course" and she laughed... all while trying to keep me... ahem... focused... I told her my mouth works great... I'm an excellent talker... it's just the rest of me that's broken.

She encouraged me to keep taking steps... while realizing how hard it is emotionally and physically right now. (My weakness has increased since Tuesday when my Neuro saw me).

I can tell that M and I are going to be great friends... and Kandy and Lilly like her too...

Before PT I stopped by the lab to pick up my urine collection kit (sounds like fun huh?) Then I headed to the chiro for a couple of adjustments... And after... the hospital called.

The kind man explained my Lumbar puncture to me in great detail... yeah.. he could have really left some of it out.. I'm pretty sure I turned white as soon as he said "needle" and "blood patch" Ewww.

Then my mom and I went to our local organic market to buy some beets and spinach... to help with my iron levels (I'm not allowed to eat beef or shellfish right now)... I had left Lilly in the car... and mom had gotten me a cart to walk with, I'm not so fond of the stares I get with Lilly. This was great until we went to check out... and the man pulled the cart so fast... I nearly had a face to face meeting with the floor.

Now I'm back home... "practicing my walking skills"... mmmk maybe not... small confession... I walked in... got to my bed and have been there ever since... M said I would probably be exhausted and... yep I am... but there will be time to practice tomorrow... before and after... the MRI and MRA of my brain.

Please pray that the MRI and MRA get us answers and help with the diagnosis... and that I don't go completely crazy in the tube of torture... and Please please pray they can find my vein again...
xoxo- me

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Kathleen said...

Sometimes they will pipe in music of your choosing for the MRI. Take the CD I gave you and have them play that for you. I'll be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow.

When this is all behind you and it will be soon, one way or the other, you must take your blog and write a book. I think people would truly benefit from your courage, humor and vulnerability.

Love you!