Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's been one of those nights...
One of those horrible nights.
Oh I wish it would just go away.
This horrible thing...
It has forever changed me.

The pain is way too strong.
I'm trying to hold on, to my tears.
But I don't know... I don't know if I can.

I am trying to be strong.
I am trying to hold on.
But my rope seems to be fraying.
And my hands are slowly slipping.
Slipping... Slipping.

But there You are.
You hold my heart.
You caught me like you always do.
And you reminded me... oh you reminded me.

You wont let me fall.

You wont... let me fall.

Oh I'm scared.
I want out of this valley.
But... for now... I'll let you carry me through...
Just carry me through...
But please... please...

Don't let me go.

The big appointment is this week... My heart is anxious. My body is tired. My eyes are tired of crying...  It seems as though I am finally to "the crying point" you know the point where... I've been strong for so long... and now All I want to do... is cry? Yeah... I'm there... it's been almost 12 months of medical issues. And I've held back the tears for so long... but now... I think I need to invest in kleenex stock.

I'm praying for answers. Hopefully this new doctor will have some... and if not...

He will hold my heart and dry my tears. Just like always.

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