Monday, October 31, 2011

doctor wars

So... One of my doctors called me this evening... He is probably my favorite one (Ahem... remember the one I "professed my love to" when I was coming out from under anesthesia... yeah that one...) He was calling with some results of tests he had run... and was just checking up on me and the other doctors... I appreciate how thorough he is and the fact that he really does care... and wants to see me get better.

I explained to him how I was kind of in a waiting pattern... with my current neuro... who doesn't seem to want to test any further... and I was waiting to see the new neuro at the end of the month...

"I'M CALLING HER RIGHT NOW!!!" I could hear the anger in his voice...

What was he angry about?? well... I hadn't told you all this yet, but I think I am safe to now because...well... we know for sure that this isn't the case... The current neuro wanted to push all of my symptoms to a diagnosis of... get this... "anxiety".  Now... I've never dealt with anxiety... I've had those days where I was nervous about a test ... but never... clinical anxiety.

"There is no way that this could be all caused by anxiety!" he stated... I could tell that he was beyond frustrated.

I've been frustrated with it too... and my urologist... and my GI... and my infectious disease doc... and my obgyn... and my general... no one agrees with anxiety... not one of them.

He asked me if I was back at work... I replied yes... and then he came back with his normal...

"I could tell... Your stock went back up"

(Funny thing... every time I go out sick... he says that the stock drops... My doctor apparently holds quite a bit of stock...and wants to ensure that I can work, cause I'm a lucky charm... ha ha!!! )

He then promised to talk with the multiple neurologists... and try and push them to get that diagnosis quickly... This is why he is my favorite...

Even though he may be starting a war between my doctors... I am grateful he is willing to shoot that arrow :)


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Anonymous said...

I love my doctor because he does FIGHT for me. Praise the Lord you have someone who will do that for you. I know it's taking a long time for the diagnosis, mine took about two years, but you will win this race and be better for it. Yep, I said 'better.' All this pounding & shaping & polishing & firing will produce a beautiful, useable vessel. You are already witnessing through these very trials & traumas. Be strong, little sister. <3 linda <><