Wednesday, September 28, 2011


First off... Sorry for the delay... I've needed some processing time.

My palms were sweaty as I waited in her office. A plan... Waiting for my plan. My thoughts wondered... could I get a diagnosis... could this be the day? There was so much hope... So much hope for relief. She called my mom and I back... My heart raced as I sat in the chair. Our appointment lasted almost an hour.

And my heart sank.

This great plan that I had been waiting for was... once again...

Sit and wait. Watch your symptoms... and check back in 6 weeks. 

My mom asked me if I wanted to go to breakfast... Angrily I got in my car... told her no... I had to be at work ( which wasn't a lie... I told my boss I'd be in at 11... it was 10:40). I got to work... and when they asked me how it went... I broke.

Tearfully, I explained how frustrated I was. This was supposed to be THE PLAN!  And now... I saw no relief in sight.

That week... My weakness got worse.. I fell... multiple times... Into a planter... onto the floor... and up my stairs... yeah... I fell up them... and sprained my wrist. Nice.

I went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't broken and it wasn't... just a really bad bruise and sprain. I was so frustrated... the falling... the vision issues... the pain...

My boss suggested trying a more homeopathic doctor, and I remembered one that a friend of mine had suggested.

That night... I researched him...  He's a Christian. He's a Chiropractor. He's a kinesiologist. He's a herbalist. He's a published clinical researcher.

I was at the end of my rope.  The next morning I called and made an appointment.

My first appointment was on Monday. He carefully pricked my finger and took my blood type. (I'm A - in case you ever want me to donate blood to you :) ha ha! no... don't think you want my blood :) ) He carefully examined my eyes and pupil responses and measured my blood pressure...

"wow... this is a strange chiropractor" I thought "but I'm at my last resort... 18 or more (don't know... I lost count) doctors in 5 months... give him a shot Rachel"

He adjusted my back... and I could feel my foot... for the first time in 3 weeks with no burrowing feeling.

I was hooked.

He told me to come back on Wednesday and we would go over all the tests he did.

The burrowing feeling came back the next morning... but slightly less... then this morning... it was back to it's full strength.

So today... I went in... hopeful. I woke up this morning waiting to go back... My weakness was back... I tripped but caught myself at work (I'm fine... just... embarrassed). He discussed my saliva ph balance, calcium levels, blood pressure, temperature, adrenal gland findings... and I was thrilled... He had a plan.

So... onward begins the process. I just pray... that it will work.

xoxo- me

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Crysti said...

I'm so glad you updated. You've been on my mind a lot and I've been checking and checking to see what's going on next. You remain in my prayers, dear heart. Lovingly yours, Crysti