Monday, September 12, 2011

More nerve testing

I wasn't the happiest person at work today... I was stressed... I didn't want to go in this afternoon for my nerve testing.

My coworkers and our area manger, who was there "auditing" us today, were so sweet. They tried to make me feel better all morning... and wished me luck as I walked out of our big glass doors... and told me to get some ice cream afterwards. I walked out of the office shaking... not looking forward to the pain I would be feeling in 25 minutes. We drove... Distractedly talking about current events. And I was hoping... somehow she would call and cancel my appointment.

She didn't.

I walked into the cold halls of her office building, remembering the sound high heals made on tile as I walked in my soft "I wont fall over as easily shoes", and wondered when I would be able to wear heels again. Oh how I miss the clackity clack of my shoes. Sounds kind of silly doesn't it?

I signed myself in and the doctor waived and smiled at me from behind the counter.

I ran to the bathroom. "Maybe if I pull the fire alarm... I wont have to do the test" I thought to myself...

After deciding that I didn't want to couldn't afford to pay the fine... I returned to her office and she called me back. I sat on the high table... She had to get a stool for my 5 foot 2 and 3/4 of an inch frame. And she adjusted the paper under my head.

"Rip, Rip, Rip" the sticky electrodes went as they were pulled off their paper backing... I  knew just what was coming.

"BUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" My body jumped. ouch.


"Try to hold still" My doctor said

I distracted myself by asking her about her upcoming conference in San Francisco and tried to remember where I ate when I visited S.F. for a choir trip 8 years ago... So I could give her good recommendations. All of my "thinking" was too no avail, I couldn't remember the name of that little Mexican place.. not in this pain.

She apologized after the big shocks and let me rest for a moment before she continued with the needle part. We talked about my new symptoms... and at my follow-up with her on the 20th she said she would have a plan. She gave me a hug... told me she was proud of me and what a nice young lady I've become.. and sent me on my way.

A plan... that sounds so nice. I just hope it doesn't involve more testing.


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