Monday, September 5, 2011

Medicine woes

The light shines through my blinds too brightly in the morning. My eyes have a hard time opening... they feel as though someone has placed quarters on top of them. The weight is almost enough to make me just roll over and go back to sleep.

But the hummingbirds keep chirping as they drink from the flowers in my window box. And I can't miss a single opportunity to watch them flit and fly. And for them... these wonderful creations God has made... I'll pry open my heavy heavy eyes, and put on my glasses, just to catch a glimpse.

My eyes haven't always been this heavy... but lately... ever since I started this medicine that is supposed to help my vision (haven't really noticed any change yet) I am just dragging.

The doctor said this is normal... It is going to make me sluggish. Great... add sluggish to my already exhausted body and I'll never get out of bed... (oh and I just bought a new memory foam mattress... one that keeps cool... it's amazing... at least now I can sleep well... and slowly wake up.)

I guess the silver lining in this medicine woe is that... from my bed... I can watch the hummingbirds :)

xoxo- me

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