Saturday, August 13, 2011

learning to cope...

"It'll fit" I tried to persuade my sister as we looked at 2 giant bookshelves in the middle of Costco...

"there is no way that ONE is fitting in mom's car...  let alone TWO!!! You are crazy!"

She came at me with that look... any younger sisters out there???  I'm sure you know the look I'm talking about...  the... you are so frustrating sometimes don't know anything look.

I told her that I would go find a handsome young man to help us put these five million pound bookshelves in our flatbed cart. We went to check out, paid for the items, and left the store. As we walked out into the cool evening air I started to worry about how these bookshelves would fit in the car... and as we got closer I quickly realized...

My eyes were bigger than the car...

I found a helpful young gentleman named Hunt who tried to help us shove them into the car...

" you can leave them here and come back tomorrow with a truck if you would like" He told me

I'm sure at this point he was laughing so hard inside... at this girl... who thought she could get 2 boxes... 6 feet by 3 feet into the back of her mom's volkswagon CC that she had borrowed.  I assured him that I wouldn't need to come back... I'd call my dad to rescue me. And thanked him for helping me... P.S. Hunt... I'm writing a note to Costco to thank you... Yes I also work in a job where it is nice to have people appreciate what you do and the extra steps you take. So I love to help other people get recognized... because it's nice when people notice :)

A lady walked by and asked if she could help us take them home in her big truck... So sweet... I explained that my dad would be here soon but that I was grateful for her offer... It's people like that who make you smile :) thank you stranger lady :)

"Daddy?" I said in my most spoiled rotten...slightly whiny...  I-have-daddy-wrapped-around-my-finger- voice. "My bookshelves are too big... could you please come help me?"

Of course he came... he laughed at me for not listening to him... or my sis... (yes he called Naomi while we were in Costco and told her he didn't think they would fit) He was there in 10 minutes, with his larger car, and we loaded both boxes into his P.T. cruiser. I thanked both my sister and dad profusely... and I now owe both of them a pedicure... although... I don't think dad is going to take me up on my offer :)

So last night... piece by piece... I carried my priceless fabric storing bookshelves (with BINS!!!) into my room to assemble... I needed to do it.. I needed to prove to myself that I could physically do it. My sore body moved slowly as I walked up and down the stairs 16 times with all the pieces. One by one. Then I sat on my floor, and slowly, I put the shelves together... shaking as I started screwing in the screws... man those trembles make everything so much harder... like... putting in the pegs and using the cam locks... I finished the first one last night... and got to the point of exhaustion where I couldn't do the second... it was time for bed.

This morning I arose bright and.... late at 11 am and started on the second... they are now both constructed... and I'm happy to report... I am no longer storing any of my fabric outside in my backyard in bins covered with a tarp... yes... as I told you before... I'm a fabric hoarder : ( All of the fabric is also now out of my mom's dining room... hoarder confessions... and out of all the boxes... It is in my shelves... that I put together... and thanks to my sister and my dad... the shelves that didn't get left in the costco parking lot :) ha ha!

I can't say that I'm organized yet... moving stinks... and I moved a whole sewing room and a bedroom into one... count that... one 10 by 10 room... with almost an entire kitchen worth of stuff too... note to young people... hope chests tend to take over... watch out!!!  Oh... and that doesn't count my shoes... Yeah.. one of the young men who helped us move... His name is Jordan and he's a 19 year old who couldn't imagine what a girl would need so many shoes for... he was about ready to throw my 3 LARGE boxes of shoes out the window... ha ha! do I have too many??  maybe... but heels are so fun!!! ahh someday I'll wear them again when I have my balance back :)

But what I'm most proud of is that I overcame my trembles and figured out how to cope... It's all about learning how to do simple tasks.

xoxo- me

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