Sunday, August 14, 2011

keep your head up :)

I was sitting in my tall blue chair at work when I first heard this song... "only rainbows after rain, the sun will always come again" It's a catchy tune... not something I would normally listen to... but I fell in love with this song.

maybe because it's telling me to keep my head up? Stay positive...

Staying positive is so difficult... although apparently I'm doing a pretty good job at fooling most people. I look "normal" only slightly puffy... and I've learned to "control" the tremors by clasping my hands in public... so I think that I've fooled many into thinking I'm feeling fine... when really... I just want to crawl into a ball on the ground and sulk.

Just putting on a happy face helps... and hopefully... it will help me to remember that the sun will come again. God promises that he will take care of me... I'm worth more than the sparrows... I just want to show his love to those around me... family, friends, neighbors... show them how He is taking care of me. I trust Him. And he will bring me a rainbow.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

All things... even this... this horrible year... I will get past it... and he will strengthen me.


P.S. want to know what song I'm talking about? it's on my sidebar :)

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