Thursday, August 18, 2011

identity of a family member?

Identity... it can have so many meanings for a person... Am I identified as a daughter?  Christian?  sister?  friend? coworker?  sick girl? patient? What's my identity?

For the family of a "sick girl" the identity can start to get lost... you are the "sick girl's" mom... dad... sister... friend... family member... And you are constantly asked about them...

"How is she? Did you get any results?"  They will ask concerned.

Typically the family member will respond...happily... soliciting prayers and encouragement. But they may feel somewhat empty... thinking "what about me? Do you want to know how I am? I'm your friend too? I had a bad day... got a flat tire... I bought a dog... I lost my shoe... "  (k I know lame examples... but my brain isn't working creatively at the moment... ) they will be sitting there thinking and waiting to be acknowledged for whatever is going on in their lives... good or bad... they might feel neglected... even though they know that people are just concerned. They are tired of talking constantly about their sick counterpart... And trying to change subjects and asking the questioner how their week was. Only for the questioner to change it back to the sick one.

That's part of why I have this blog... so my Parents and sister aren't constantly bombarded with questions...

Now... I know... I'm not the best one to be blogging about this... I don't have much experience in this department... but my family does. So next time you see them... can you give them a hug for me? And ask them how their day went? Maybe invite them to coffee?

oh and for the record... I have only been told this by a member of my family once... and by no means... do I want you to ever feel guilty for inquiring :) I appreciate all the prayers I can get... and so does my family :)

So....It would make them feel really nice (and me too!) if you could talk to them (and me!) about something exciting in your life... We love to celebrate with other people :) and we are all feeling a bit overwhelmed at this time...  and sometimes... we don't feel like talking anymore about sick stuff... xoxo :)


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