Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dr. "Blackbird"

We got lost on our way to see Dr. "Blackbird" today. I ended up calling and asking for help... His office is at one of our local colleges and the campus can be quite confusing. We drove up and down the streets... hoping to find the correct building number... My heart raced as we got closer and closer to the appointment time... we can't miss this... it is so important. The GPS my dad bought me for Christmas (side story... I get lost... all the time... and if it weren't for that GPS I would probably be driving in Alaska right now with no idea that I had left California) was pointing at a building that didn't have the correct number.

My wonderful dear friend Ali is getting married this weekend... In Colorado. Yesterday at my appointment... I was told I might not be allowed to fly... You have got to be kidding me right???

"I've known her since I was 6 months old... we have spent countless nights up till 5 in the morning giggling and sharing secrets... all four friends... I can't miss her wedding. She found the Man of her dreams! And my other friend just got engaged!!!! I need to be there" I pleaded my case to the doctor.

"Wait to see what tomorrow's specialist says" he said with a lump in his throat...

I couldn't stop thinking... I should have just dealt with this stupid new symptom... who needs to see anyway?? I'll be fine... I'm going to Colorado... whether you like it or not... so there!

Finally, we found the right building and the correct office... They won for shortest stack of paperwork ever... yeah... 1 page!!! woot! Maybe cause I had been to that college for medical testing back in '05? They took me back to a room and tested my eyes... "

what's this letter?"

"ummm... a diagonal line?"

Then they took me up to 2 giant... machines... where they looked at my nerves, retina and whatever else is in my eye... one test I got so bored I thought I would fall asleep... it took forever... looking in this giant cone... for 10 minutes. yeah... my eyes just about closed...

We went back downstairs... I took the elevator... we walked down the cold stark hallway... and into Dr. "Blackbird's" office. There he stood in his white coat...

"well let's have a look." he said with an almost determined-to-find-something approach.

"This test is normal... everything looks good. and this one is... well there is nothing that strikes me as awful...hmm"

yeah... not really the resounding affirmative-you-will-be-fine to go to the wedding I was looking for. There is nothing that strikes me as awful??? That's a bad way of putting it... so... something's not right? I pried.. I begged...I pleaded for an inkling of what he saw...  and all he said was... "you need an MRI... and I'll see you next week." Great...

Then the big question...

"can I go to the wedding?" I asked in a meek as a mouse voice... trying not to anger a lion.

"Yes... You will be fine to fly... but just take it easy." he said in the kindest voice I have ever heard.

So... MRI is scheduled for Monday... which my boss conveniently already had encouraged me to take off... yay! So... I hope he sees what he is looking for... and can figure out why I can't read... and no...  I don't have a literacy issue :) ha ha!

So overall today was productive... I just wish... I wish so badly that I had an answer.

xoxo- me

P.S. I have way too much fun picking out songs for my blog... no... I don't get paid or anything crazy like that if you listen :) but... I picked out one for today... thought it was kinda ironic since I can't see very well right now... but I hope you enjoy it :) oh... maybe I should list the song titles... cause I add one everyday... today is "I'll be seeing you" by another one of my fav's ... Billie Holiday... mmm her voice... love it :) you can play it on the sidebar <3


Anonymous said...

I love Billie Holiday also, it is so sand that she had such a rough life!

Your Uncle Richard

Anonymous said...

The word is said not sand, must have been thinking of the beach.
Your Uncle Richard