Monday, August 1, 2011

anesthesia woes...

Today... I go in for my endoscopy. As I've said before I'm not thrilled... I'm not thrilled  about what they "think" it might be... or missing my 4 "allowed" hours of work for Monday... But mostly, I'm not thrilled about the anesthesia. So... I thought this morning... I would write about "funny" things... to take my mind off... the icky things...

Here is my list of reasons for not being thrilled about anesthesia... and yes... this is supposed to make you laugh!

1. Every single time I go in for a procedure and they have to put an I.V. in me (and of course I've had to fast and been allowed no water since midnight) it takes at least an hour to find one of my TINY veins. Why? my guess is that when God Created me he thought my body would look prettiest ... If I had no visible veins to take away from my fair skin...  he had beauty in mind.

2. The first time I had anesthesia back in 2005 for my "open chest surgery" they rolled me into the room and the anesthesiologist told me to breathe in... I pulled the mask off... Why? Because I was afraid that I was loosing control and I wouldn't be able to stay awake... This has been a problem ever since... Last time... for my Colonoscopy I did the same thing...  Yeah... apparently it doesn't make the Dr. too happy... But really I just want to talk a little bit longer... I have so many words to get out each day... being out for 2 plus hours really doesn't help.

3. I wake up groggy... confused... wondering if they even did anything... and most of all... I wake up COLD! Freezing COLD! I beg for more blankets... and a heater. I'm ALWAYS COLD (fan wars... need I say more?)

4. I tend to tell people things I normally wouldn't... Like... after my colonoscopy... I told my G.I. doctor I was in love with him... yeah... This is the same doctor I'm seeing again today... great... I'll try and keep my mouth shut. Although he said that was the first time after a colonoscopy that anyone had ever professed their love for him... I'm normally pretty reserved in that area... just as hate is a strong word... so is love.

5. Finally... My family always says they are going to record me... and post it on facebook... they haven't yet... but some "Rachel-isms" still live on today from previous anesthesia... "THERE'S a GOOSE  and a SAUSAGE INSIDE OF ME!!!"  "I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH DOCTOR" "EVERYBODY QUIET!!! I HEAR SOMETHING INSIDE ME!!!" "I Have REALLY bad toots" yes... most of these are yelled... so everyone... everyone can hear...

I hope that brought you some laughter... and I might... just might allow my mom in with a camera... but probably not :)

Please continue to pray for a diagnosis.

love to you all! xoxo


Kathleen said...

I do strange things under anesthesia too. When I had knee surgery about 12 years ago, I was waking up and asked one of the male attendants if he was a Christian and then asked him to coffee. When I was fully awake, I was very embarrassed to say the least. :O)

Good luck and God bless. Praying for a diagnosis.

love you.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you Rachel. Remember that I have much more experience than you with anesthesia and have managed to live through it all. God cares and is in control. It will be over before you know it. And you are not responsible for what you do coming out of anesthesia. Love Papa & Grandma