Saturday, July 30, 2011


At night... my favorite thing to do is sit... and listen to crickets... chirp chirp chirp... They serenade as if they were the main event at Carnegie Hall. Tonight, as I sit... waiting for a fever to pass (sorry mom... didn't tell you... 100.2 this evening) and hoping that the Tylenol will kick in soon... they are my only friends. Just me my fever and the crickets as my cat is already tucked into bed.

Earlier in the day I was caught by one of my family members talking to my flowers... "doesn't everybody?" I asked. "only special people like you" they said with laughter. If only they knew about my conversation with the cricket outside my front door this evening... call me crazy... but I can tell a cricket anything. Just like flowers. Things that I dare not share with anyone (except for God)... fears... joy... sadness... hopes and dreams... sometimes it just helps to say them out loud...  even if it is to a cricket.

so... go to your flowers... or crickets... just don't blame me if people think that you too are just a wee bit crazy :)

xoxo- me

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