Monday, August 1, 2011

Here comes trouble

So... the endoscopy went well... my anesthesiologist was great and I didn't pull anything off  :) I woke up to the sound of my nurses voice "Rachel... PLEASE PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN!!!" then a few minutes later "RACHEL PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN" then a bit later... "RACHEL!!! Am I going to have to strap your hands down?"

It would suffice to say that I got in a bit of trouble in "recovery".  I'm a hands above head sleeper... My hands are nearly always out of my sheets and above my head. For as long as I can remember,at any baby shower, my mom has been telling stories about my sister and I and how different we were... "Naomi loved to be swaddled, we couldn't wrap her tight enough", she would say with pride... and then... with a bit of laughter " But, Our Rachel... She was as wild in the womb as she was in her crib... No swaddling for her... hands above the head and sprawled out." Let's just say... I was always the "difficult one". Every mom has one right?

Well... today, my nurses were wishing I wasn't so willful... because each time I put my hands over my head... the alarm would sound... and send an alert that something was disconnected, I was dead,  or it was not reading correctly.

My doctor came in (and this time I kept from professing my love to him) and he said there was nothing... I cried... He then encouraged me that he took a TON of biopsies... and if this doesn't show anything I'll just swallow the camera pill and that will hopefully show whatever it is.

Now I sit... uncomfortable... and hungry (we are moving... and people are busy... I ate some soup... and toast... but I feel like I could eat a whole cow!)... with a tummy full of air... waiting for this nasty (anesthesia) headache to go away.  And prayerful that the biopsies will have some sort of answer...

oh and one more thing... my mom warned me about blogging while still being under the influence of "drugs"... so... sorry if this made no sense :)

xoxo- me


Katie McD said...

Rachel, drugged or not you make me laugh. Love you. xoxo

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Thanks Katie :) Love you too :)xoxo

Anonymous said...

It made perfect sense... and you crack me up. :)