Thursday, June 2, 2011


You know that scene in "My Big Fat Greek wedding" When Tula's aunt talks to Tula's fiance's parents and tells them she had a babop- bobapob- babobsie? That is what I think of every time I hear the word Biopsy. Which brings a small... ok big smile to my face... and I laugh.. hard... every time...

Well I get to have a babobsie....err... I mean biopsy of my "lumps" next week... Should be... fun... the good thing is that they are in my "Axillary" that apparently is a very fancy word for your... armpit. So they are easy to get to... and shouldn't be too painful after :)

There are a few things I have learned... wait... make that chosen... to find humor in ... while going through this experience. My mom has always said... you have two options in life... cry or laugh... I will choose to laugh and Praise the Lord every morning I wake up breathing :) Cause... If you're breathing... it's a blessing :)


Papa said...

That is a beautiful picture but better yet is your humor and your looking and thanking the Lord for each day that you wake up.I just got me a new camera and hope to be able to get that kind of detail in some close up pictures.

In your resting time you should check out the Rock Creek message board. There have been some great pictures and stories. It makes me wish that I could get up there. Brrrr!

Love you lots.

Anonymous said...


I love, love, love your attitude in the midst of your trials. You are a breath of fresh air, funny, darling and a darn good writer! Thanks for letting us into your life by sharing what's going on with you. Praying for you.

Mary Nagle

Timshuwy said...

Did you see what my fortune cookie said today? "Happiness is a direction, not a destination."

grannysew said...

It is a wonderful gift that the Lord has given us; He never lets us walk alone; He fills our every need; He carries us; He humbles us until we relinguish all to Him. And He gives us blessings in the form of those who love Him who willing pray, in His love, for you.
The Lord bless and keep you in all ways. <><

ksroth said...

Your mom's very smart Rachel (but you knew that!). I completely agree. And I firmly believe attitude has a lot to do with outcome. Good wishes!