Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday after church my mom had asked me to run to the grocery store to pick a few things up for her. She recently had surgery on her knee and is not quite mobile yet. So I went into the store and picked up a few things and then headed over to the cat litter section. Chatelaine uses a special kind of cat litter. It is silica only cat litter called Space. As I was picking up a package for my dear kitty I bumped into some sponges that were hanging behind me. They were those nylon scrubby sponges. My mom had gotten some in her stocking this past Christmas... Anyway, back to the story! I then proceeded to walk along and pick up everything else on her list and everything on mine :) and then some :)

Then I went to check out... I stood there making small talk with the cashier and swiped my debit card. It was then I noticed something brushing against my back. I turned around and there was nothing there... what was it?!?! So I asked the cashier what was brushing against me and she broke into laughter!

"There is a pack of nylon sponges stuck to your back!"

I couldn't believe it! I knew it had happened when I was getting the cat litter 15 to 20 minutes before.... I had been walking around the store for that long with sponges stuck to my back and no one stopped me to tell me?!?!?

I explained this to the cashier and all of the other 7 cashiers stopped and broke into laughter! This one cashier (who looks like Leonardo Di Caprio) says to me, "well that is one way to shoplift!"

It was so funny and I am certain that next time I go into this small little grocery store that "Leo" and the rest of the cashiers will say to me "Hello Sponge Girl"


MelliB said...

That is hilarious!

Nyla said...

THat is a great story! :)

Creatively Cami said...

thats a good one!! too funny :O