Thursday, January 29, 2009


At the end of my walk today I decided to hop on the swings. It was such a release. Swinging brought me back to my life in sixth grade, my friends and I owned the swings. Every lunch time my girlfriends and I would head over to the swings for the latest gossip and drama... We would swing high, super high and then flip off the front when the campus supervisors weren't looking. It was a great time... our issues were simple and easily solved. Tonight my problems seemed so big... so hard... so "grown up".
As I continued to swing a smile finally came to my face, nothing mattered at that moment I was just happy. Such a simple pleasure that brought me so much joy. I loved it! A sense of calm came over my tense body and allowed me to let go of all the frustrations of life.

Here are some more photos from my walk this evening... It was gorgeous!

On the swings :)On the way down to the beach

Love this one...

My friend Mr. Gull


MelliB said...

Going for a swing sounds pretty good right now!

Nyla said...

Great pictures! I love CA! I can't swing though!? It tickles too much! Can you believe that?! Glad it was a stress relief for you! IT would cause me stress! :)