Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Alright here is a project ANYONE can do :) I promise!

Materials needed:
cheap candle You can buy them next to all the Catholic candles at walmart Only 49 Cents!
Piece of scrapbook paper 25 cents on sale
a little mod podge
a little glue
a little ribbon
a little glitter
Total Cost assuming you already have mod podge, glue, ribbon, and glitter about 1 buck :)
Directions: Cut a strip of paper, apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back and apply to candle.
Apply a thin layer again over the paper and wipe off any excess on the candle.
Let dry.
Apply glue to ribbon and wrap around.
Tie a bow and glue on to ribbon.
Put a little glue on the top and bottom of paper and sprinkle on glitter.
Or use a glitter glue stick... that will be much easier trust me :) and Ta da!

Look at what I made today! Sweet baby shoes! And I think it is great that I finally lived up to my name... I made shoes! ha ha :) I need to try them on a newborn to make sure that my pattern is correct and I don't need to change it. After that I should have some for sale in my shop!


MelliB said...

Super cute shoes Shoemaker! So awesome....I think you have found your calling!

nicole viola said...

those shoes are Adorable with a capital A!!