Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Night Sock Drawer

So you know how some people clean out their sock drawers on Friday Nights when they don't have anywhere to go... I did mine tonight. Although it wasn't exactly a sock drawer it was probably just as, if not more, mundane. Not wanting to only show the exciting part of my life, or make myself seem like I have it all together I must show you my weaknesses from time to time. Here is just one of them. Nope I am not perfect :)

Since I began sewing I have saved every scrap of fabric... Literally EVERY SCRAP! After I finished a project I would take the leftovers and shove them into a gallon sized ziploc baggie... Pretty soon I realised this was not a good system since I now had 5 full. So I bought a box and shoved the extra fabric in it... no folding... just shoving! Well when I went to look for a little piece of a specific fabric to put on something I would end up just getting frustrated at the mess. It was a clean mess and dust free... but a mess! So tonight as I sat down to work on a project I realized I couldn't take it any longer. Figuring it would only take about an hour I began... Well I started at 9 and now it is 12! After I tackled the gray box I had 3 grocery totes full of ziploc bags that were filled with fabric! The pictures say it all! Now I will be able to find whatever I want in a second...

Now I just need to color code them :) Maybe next friday?!? But then again I might have plans ;)


Jerome & Crysti said...

Ohhh, what's da plans? And can I just say that your organizes fabric looks EXACTLY like a fabric store?!? It does. All folded neatly, and if you organize by color then it will REALLY look like a fabric store :-)

MelliB said...

Very nicely organized! I "attempted" paying the bills on Friday night since we didn't have plans, if that makes you feel any better! =)