Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wisdom tooth of life

My wisdom teeth are coming in. The two top teeth are almost all the way in and one of the bottom ones is beginning to push it's way through. The bottom one really hurts. At my last orthodontics appointment my Dr. told me I would probably have to have it removed. It would hurt for a while but in the end it would be better. He did not find any pleasure in telling me this news, he actually seemed a little sad that his patient would have to go through it.

I feel like my Doctor tonight. I had to tell someone something that I knew would hurt. I knew it wouldn't be fun for either of us. But I had to say it. Information that had been eating away at my insides for a long time. I don't regret saying it. They know I care for them, love them, and want the best for them. Sometimes I wonder if it hurts more to tell then to hear. They know I will support them no matter what, love them forever, and always want the best for them. I just simply pray that they really listened to what I had to say and wont hold any hard feelings against me.

Tonight my heart is heavy and my head is full of prayers.

how do you handle these situations?

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Jerome & Crysti said...

It's rough to tell someone you love something that you think but might hurt them. This is my consolation to you:
This is what a TRUE friend does. A real friend puts their friend's well being even before the friendship...it's hard to do, but if you truly love your friend, you will tell them the truth. Of course, if you tell them something and they blow you off, you have to be prepared for this too. Love your friend, tell them what you have to tell them, then let them do what they will with that info. It is, after all, their life to ruin if they please ;-)

You're a true friend. Kudos for being courageous and following your heart!