Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Friends

Today my heart is heavy. I have removed my bumper sticker. It now sits on my table clinging to a piece of wax paper destined for a scrapbook. I can remember another time my heart was heavy. I was very young and I was so interested in the events of the world. We didn't win. I cried all day. Who would have known that a 5 year old would be so occupied with it. My friends still tell me I should have been a political science major.

The only thing that gives me peace is understanding that God is sovereign. When I was 5 I wasn't completely aware of that. I hadn't experienced it. Illness had not overtaken my body yet. No surgery had been had. My biggest worry was that my mother might color her hair. But now I know, I get it! God is sovereign over all. Just as he took care of me and all of my needs then I know he will take care of all OUR needs now.

So today I must praise him and pray for our future! I encourage you to do the same, after all... isn't God amazing :)

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Nyla said...

Great post! I was sad too! So good to know God is in control...and allowed this new president to be elected! He has a plan for our country!