Monday, November 10, 2008

Long story short

OK kind of a gross story, actually really gross!

I promise I change my sheets often, at least once every week and a half!

1. Don't sleep with wet hair, ever.
2. Don't give your cat her own pillow, especially if that is your only other pillow.
3. Don't sleep in a moist climate with your pillow and your wet hair every night.
4. Tiny Mold spots... need I say more?
5. Bleach + Memory Foam pillows= toxic fumes
6. Sister gives old pillow... uncomfortable but better than the nothing I was sleeping on since the cat was hogging the non moldy pillow.
7. Go to Costco and buy a new one...
8. Wash hair... stay up so it dries ( I know I should invest in a hair dryer)
9. Go to bed way too late so that hair is dry and pillow does not mold. EVER AGAIN!
10. Sleep well!

Ever had anything embarrassing like this happen to you?


Nyla said...

Oh Rachel! How fun to have to stay up late waiting for your hair to dry! Did you blog this while you were waiting? Hope you are all mold free now!

Melissa said...

I often go to bed with wet hair, so I put a pillow protector under my pillowcase that is designed for allergies or something. It's water proof, so keeps the stinky, moldy pillows away. Just a thought. :)