Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted!!!

This was my first presidential election! I was so excited and a little nervous. First I had to make myself a new skirt for the occasion so I grabbed some blue corduroy that I had and cut it out... sewed it up and attached some lace. Then this morning I put that on and my red tank top and white cardigan and my super cute blue and white polka dot shoes. Then I walked out my door and VOTED!!! It was so exciting. I am so thankful to live in a country that allows me to make my opinion known. As I stood in the ballot box my mind filled with thoughts of all the people that have fought for this country and fought for a woman's right to vote. As I checked through all of my choices I prayed for the Lord to guide this election and have his hand on our country. I know that God is sovereign over all things. Not just some... all! And I rest comfortably in that knowing that he has already planned the beginning and the end.

My Ballot

Walking out of the polls!

Seriously... I think these are in the running for cutest shoes ever :)

So there we have it... I VOTED! Did you?

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nicole viola said...

I vote for your shoes! (yes, I did vote for real, but seriously, those shoes are adorable!!)