Monday, November 3, 2008

Too much TV

Am I the only one who thinks that TV's shouldn't be in grocery stores, malls, and Walmart? It drives me nuts... I just want to go shopping and enjoy the elevator music and instead I am being blasted with advertisements!!! I mean come on... who actually watches "Walmart TV" ? Isn't it just a waste of electricity?

What do you think?


Chrissie said...

I couldn't believe it when they installed monitors at the gas pumps and now I have to watch commercials while I fill up.

I refuse. I just sit in my car or wash the windows.

Nyla said...

I agree! It is getting crazy...don't forget about watching tv now while you pumpyour gas too!

I can't stand it! Not to mention I don't allow my kids to watch much tv...and some of the commercials on those tvs or the news...drives me insane!