Friday, October 17, 2008

One hundred and one and a half

So my computer is still broken. The very smart computer guy (aka my dad) said that we are going to have to get a new one because the old one is too slow already and in order to... blah blahblah... That is where he lost me.

Anyway, I am currently using my sisters old and very fickle laptop. It works and I am happy to have it.

I guess I should catch you up on my life. Life has been good. Was that enough information to quench the thirst of your curiousity? Probably not.

Ok... Serious now. My grandparents were in town all last week and we had so much fun together. My grandma was able to help me out with some sewing and let me get caught up. I had a sale on Saturday in San Diego. Unfortunately I couldn't attend because I needed to attend my Great Grandmother's funeral. I enlisted my other grandparents to help me be two places at once. They took care of the sale for me and I went to the funeral. They did a great job with the sale and sold a ton... Thanks Papa and Grandma!!!

The funeral, excuse me, it was actually "The Gathering" was very nice. My Great Grandma had a huge family.
3 brothers
3 sisters
6 children
TWENTY Grandchildren
THIRTY THREE Great Grandchildren (this is where I am)
and Seven GREAT GREAT Grandchildren

It was a great celebration of her life. We all got together (The Gathering of family) and sang hymns and ate a wonderful dinner... Little did I know I have a Second cousin that has an amazing catering company. We got to catch up and remember. It really was a great celebration of a life that touched so many. All ONE HUNDRED AND ONE AND A HALF YEARS OF IT!!!!

So this week I have gotten back to the normal work schedule and I have gone walking every day... yay for me!!! Ok that is all I have to say for now. I'll be back soon again. Thanks for reading!

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