Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe next time I should order a Salad :)

My computer is fixed!!! yay!

It has been a long time. But hey... there is a lot a girl can still do without a computer! I have been enjoying my walks, sewing, cleaning, a little cooking, and just having fun!

So for all of my married friends out there I thought I would provide you with some entertainment this afternoon.

Here is another installment of Adventures in Singleness!!!

As you know by now, I enjoy my *almost* daily walks on the beach. Most of the time when I go walking I am well... hideous. I have my hair in a messy bun and a GIANT white hat on (this girl needs sun protection!) and I am normally wearing an old marching band tee-shirt or my shirt from the special education school I volunteer at and some old ugly pants. I know... my wardrobe NEEDS an update.

Almost everyday when I am walking on the trail I pass some very handsome young men. But many days I pass this one specific handsome young man. I smile, say hello, and walk by. Yes that is the extent of my excitement. As I was walking with one of my almost married girlfriends one day she spotted him, "wow" she said. " I know, I see him almost every day" I said. We have since talked about the very handsome young man on the trail. I never have the courage to say more than hello ("and all I could say was hello" 'An Affair to Remember' anyone?) but I pass him and always wish I had more to say.

So last night I was driving home from babysitting and well lets just say I was in kind of a "lets eat the whole world" mood. So I drove threw a fast food joint and almost ordered everything on the menu bored. Ok... not really but 2 very junk foody items. I pulled up to the window and guess who was there?!?!? Mister handsome running man! I wanted to die! I actually had to say something more to him. So here is how our conversation went.

I open my door, that's right my DOOR.
"sorry, my window doesn't work"

"ha ha, that's ok, it'll be $2.34"

"Ok (shuffle through purse, want to crawl into it) Here you go!"

" (smiles) would you like ketchup or hot sauce?"

" mmm... yes Hot sauce please!"

"Ok here are three packets for you"

"Thank you"

"here is your change (smiles big)"

"Thank you"

"And here is your food! Have a wonderful night!"

"Ok you too!"

"See you SOON! (he smiles and laughs)"

So there you have it the handsome running man works at a fast food joint late at night and now knows I am a closet junk food junkie. It was fun actually talking with the man at the junk food window. And maybe now HE will have the guts to say more than just hello.

And I will continue to practice my contentment with the way my life is. And maybe visit the fast food joint more often... and order JUST a salad :)


Suzy said...

oh my gosh, the wow guy from the beach!! so fun, you can say more than hello now!!!

Monique said...

hahaha! You make me laugh! I can hear your gittiness!

Cathi Hamen said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm.... part 1!

Jeff and Robin said...

What a riot... keep us updated and KEEP WALKING!