Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The old man and the sea

Walking in San Clemente has its charms. There are so many characters I pass along my way. When I speak with my family and friends they know exactly whom I am talking about just by my descriptions. There is The Flower Lady, Handsome Running man, the Tent people (they fish on the pier and set a tent up for their kids... great idea!), the three legged dog man, and so many more!! Then of course there is... The Old Man and the Sea.

Fond memories of reading that book in high school flood back to me every time I see this somewhat crazy man. Many times as I walk down the pier he says to me, if you get lost out there I can show you the way back! He cracks me up and scares me, just a little. It is amazing what a great community this is. In my life everyone has a nickname.

I am sure they have given me one too... The White Hat Girl.

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Shan said...

That is so sweet - like a movie :) What we really want to know is have you seen fast food boy?????