Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture catch up!

Since my computer was broken I hadn't gotten the pictures off of my camera in a LOoooOONG time. So here are a few of my favorite shots! My view on my daily walk :)
The inside of my new church!!! It will be finished soon!

Yummy desserts my second cousin made for my Great Grandma's Memorial Service

A GIANT spider growing in my yard!

Girls night with my sweet friend Suzy

My kitty laying in the middle of my bed... yes that is her favorite place to be :)

another view on my walk

My great grandma, mom and I taking a walk on the beach!

And last but not least Chatelaine found some holiday friends!

Today I am a little sad. One of my favorite local fabric shops closed. It was a San Clemente Icon. It stood on Del Mar Street for so many years and now is an empty building. I feel like I have just lost an old friend... I will miss the owners of the shop... They were always so helpful. And I will especially miss how she always called me Ducky :) It is kind of depressing, it is just like in you've got mail when she sells her shop and talks about how some people will think it is a tribute to the city and how it is always changing... but to her it is depressing, it will probably be turned into a baby gap. Oh how I do love that movie.
In other, happier news... I have managed to keep my Hydrangea alive for more than a week! Woot woot! Live long and prosper my little hydrangea!
That's all for today... Smile friends :)


MelliB said...

I "heart" your You've Got Mail reference!

Cathi Hamen said...

cute catch up photos....