Wednesday, October 1, 2008

adventures in singleness

Often I find myself asking... What shall I blog about today? Or thinking, Ha ha... this is sooo funny I should blog about this! Do you ever do this?

Well today, there are so many things I could blog about. I could write about how I haven't been walking in 3 days. I could write about how I have managed to keep the space around me extremely clean and organized for almost a week. I could let you all know about my love of Pantene Pro-V. Or how my sister's boyfriend graduated college last night and we got lost for an hour coming home. I could write about how today I dealt with my asthma all day and really didn't get anything done because I couldn't breathe... and when I finally could I was too weak. I was supposed to grow out of this!!! Why do I still have to deal with my lips occasionally turning purple? Or I could write about my adventures in being single.

I think that will be my choice today. Being Single. I have recently come to the conclusion that I Will be perfectly content with my singleness. After all if God wanted me to be with someone right now... I would be. I am NOT declaring that I will always be single, or that I will turn away every guy, just that I am going to be OK with where I am in life. I am going to live my life in the present, not in the dreams of what might come.

With that... I have enjoyed a new sense of success. A new sense of self worth. I am me and I don't need a man to complete me.

So on to the adventure part... I have to warn you, my personal life is not that exciting... but actually quite funny.

Tonight I was at our local grocery store with my mom and we were chatting and checking out, I went back and grabbed a multivitamin ( after not feeling well all day I figured it might be a good idea to start taking vitamins again) then came back to the checkout stand. The guy saw me and immediately said "Hello there" in his super flirty Clarke Gable voice. I realized I didn't look particularly attractive. I wasn't wearing any make-up my lips were still semi-purple, my hair was in an embarrassingly messy ponytail and I remembered that quote from the movie "The Wedding Date" It goes something like this...

"If you always look people in their eyes they will never notice what you are wearing"

He flirted with me... some more and then we left. I still wasn't feeling very good (remember... I am not breathing well) and asked my mom, "he was flirting with me right?" and she whole heartily agreed... so tonight I got an ego boost... even though I have purple lips.

For now I will enjoy my singleness. I will enjoy just living my life. I will be content until God Chooses to bring an amazing Christian guy into my life.


Jerome & Crysti said...

I wholeheartedly support this new adventure in your life! I was just talking to my mom about a different friend of mine who (in her own words) "Thought she would be married by now" and "Just wants to get married."
I know what it's like to want the happy ending, but I felt bad for her. Like she thought that after your wedding day happily ever after happens. NOT TRUE.
It's great, don't get me wrong, but while Disney ends the story there, it doesn't really end there! There's still disagreements, insecurities, upsetting revelations, and my saddest realization...Being a grown-up kinda sucks.
Kids get to play and run and live life to the fullest. Grown-ups have to work and pay bills and watch parts of their life pass by without getting to enjoy it.
Wow...time to get off my soapbox. :-)
Congrats on your new adventure! I think you'll enjoy it

MelliB said...

P.S. God seems to have a habit of waiting until we are completely satisfied in Him alone before He brings the right guy along. After all, doesn't that make us a better spouse? That we aren't depending on a person to make us fulfilled? Becuase we will fail each other at times and true fulfillment can only come from Him. Your perfect time will come ;)

nicole viola said...

Your contentment encourages me in my journey, which, while different than yours is a struggle for contentment nonetheless. Thanks!

Joelle said...

hey there! so, i left you a little something on my blog today! cheesy, i know, but i figure we all like link love!