Saturday, September 27, 2008

It was a busy week!

Check out this cute clipboard I made about 2 weeks ago! Thanks Martha Stewart for the great idea! oh... and that is my pet rock... his name is Rock :)
Ok... best dinner ever! Fillet Mignon, grilled veggies, yummy salad, and a sweet potato! mmm!
Chatelaine begged for some of it :) So of course I gave her a piece... i mean come on ... She was so cute!
My Mom and my Great Grandmas birthdays were this week. So on my Mom's birthday, I took her to get a massage! While she was in there... I went shopping! I held myself back though and only looked:) Then the next day was my Great Grandma's birthday and I decided to take her to tea! My grandma was in town and so she met up with us. It was wonderful and oh so good!
Four generations!

Beautiful birthday girl!
Then I threw a debate party and made McCain and Obama Cookies... The boy's enjoyed them but... Lets just say I should stick to sewing... they looked nothing like them :) I love watching debates!


MelliB said...

Love the clipboard! And it's always fun to see pics of Matt & Nathan ;)

Suzy said...

I love the clipboard too! Its so cute and looks perfect.. I am sooo sorry about the debate party.. We totally wanted to come!

Nyla said...

I lovethe picture of the four generations! How awesome!