Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday Sissy!

This weekend was Naomi's 23rd Birthday! I wanted to help her celebrate so I threw her a homemade ice cream party with 23 different toppings! We made these invitations... I had sooo much fun!

Saturday Morning I put balloons all over the house with little sayings written all over them. Then we went and had breakfast at the fisherman's on the pier... it was amazing I had a "North beach omelet" with spinach, feta cheese, mushrooms, and bacon in it! Mmmm!

All 23 toppings! Mmm so yummy!
My ice cream... lets just say putting all 23 toppings on wasn't the smartest idea... it tasted kinda weird... but we had a great time! Happy birthday Naomi! I love you Sissy!


Nyla said...

That is so cool! I love the idea...I may use that for the kids!

Jerome & Crysti said...

I wish you had a picture of your face when you ate that concoction! Classic!!