Monday, June 30, 2008

We went to an ANGELS GAME!

My mom called me at 11:30 this morning and said "hey do you and Naomi want to go to the Angels game tonight? I got free tickets!" Of course we said yes, so off we went!
In front of the BIG A! Sisterly love <3
Of Course we had to eat some hotdogs for dinner! yum!Family Angel Shot!

And then we finished up the night with a chocolate malt... Yum!

I love baseball games... I felt like such an American Girl :)


Nyla said...

TOm and the boys were there too! I have to post all the pictures that Bryce took still! What a small world. Bryce ate 2.5 hot dogs! Can you believe that! They all got baseball caps too! What fun!

Nyla said...

Thank you so much for my new produce bags. I am usingthem for everything...they are awesome. How much are they? I want to take some to my sister in NJ. :)