Friday, June 27, 2008

hot pink hard hat

My church is building a new sanctuary... I am so excited! When I first heard about the idea I was 12... I told my dad that I wanted to be the first one to get married in the new sanctuary with an ACTUAL AISLE! He chucked at my overly mature desire and said "whatever you want sweetheart". The church is scheduled to be finished in October... and I probably wont be the first... but I can say I was the first who wanted to!

Yesterday, since I am currently interning at my church, I went to an Arise and Build Barbecue with the construction workers. As we were sitting there I was telling the other ladies how I wanted a hot pink construction hat to walk around the new church in. One of the men heard me and guess what! HE HAD ONE! He said it was normally the hat of shame (the ones the guys had to use when they forgot theirs) but for me it was just perfect... This totally made my day! So I got to tour the new church downstairs and up in my beautiful HOT PINK HARDHAT... it was amazing!


Nyla said...

That is so cool that they had a hot pink hat for you! Amazing!

Jill Duarte said...

lol. it will never be the "hat-o-shame" again. from now on every chick who tours the church is going to be scrambling to get that hat first. love the picts of the church. i hadn't seen inside yet. it's going to be beautiful!