Monday, March 17, 2008

Five Mile Mission!

After my walk yesterday (and loosing one pound! I know it probably wasn't permanent, but it encouraged me!) I have decided to walk Five Miles everyday this week... I am hoping that posting this on my blog will help me to stick to it. I need to loose quite a few pounds... lets just say my clothes aren't fitting anymore (eeeek!). Five Miles really isn't that much, it only took me about an hour and a half and I felt great after it! So... if you would like to join me in my Five mile Mission, grab your shoes and get walking!

Sunday- 5
Monday- 5 Yay!
Tuesday- 5 A little harder but I DID IT!
Wednesday- 5 plus a little :) I walked my five and then Up and down the pier :) It is a great day!

Next Week ??? :)

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Jerome & Crysti said...

Five miles is an excellent goal! Jerome and I were running 1.5 every other day, but we've been slacking these last couple weeks.
Did you know you'll even be happier now? Endorphins baby! The natural high :-)
Soooo, Friday I was thinking maybe you'd like to come over for supper, and we could hang for a while. Jerome will be at school for the evening, so it'd be just us gals :-) Wanna?