Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something happend this weekend...

Saturday came and went so quickly without much thought. A year ago I had my sternal wires removed. It was a difficult time but not nearly as painful as my first surgery. Now a year later I am pain free! I spent Saturday at a friends house (sleepover Friday night) then a drive home with my sister, then a nice nap, and then some babysitting for my favorite little kiddos. It was relaxing, rewarding, and so wonderful, and much better than the year before. Yesterday all my expectations were met and my heart was happy.

Today I reflected on this as I walked 5 miles down San Clemente Beaches. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the waves were crashing wildly, and my mind was at peace. Thankfulness does not even begin to describe the feelings I have for my health. God has blessed me with life again and I will, I WILL live it to its FULLEST!


Jerome & Crysti said...

Quiet reflection is sometimes a great gift from God. I'm glad you are doing so well, and had such a wonderful weekend!
I am thankful that you are healthy, my friend!
PS - What're you doing Friday?

wapower said...

Great job Sweetie'

5 miles a day is some goal. I have been walking 2 1/2 miles every morning for over a year and a half and can say it really feels good when I am done. Becaause I have fifty years on you I don't think that I can do 5 miles. Keep it up and you will feel good and it will be good for you.


Papa P