Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today was...

A little harder... I babysat the whole morning, ran errands into the afternoon and wasn't feeling that great but... I did my five miles! Yes I do feel better now that I have done them! Although, I really need to buy some new COMFORTABLE shoes! Mine are a little old and although they were great when I first got them... they are not cutting it now! So, I told my mom that it would be fine with me if she got some for my birthday next week or a power screwdriver... or both :) The shoes are number one priority right now! My feet will be happy.

Walking is so rewarding! Everyday I walk in silence with the waves of the ocean crashing next to me it gives me so much time to ponder the days events and the days to come. Sometimes I sing the same hymn in my head for the whole five miles amazed at how every wave comes and goes. Other times I listen to other peoples conversations walking behind me and want to chime in but, I keep my thoughts to myself. The babies on the trail make me laugh some are amazed at every doggie that walks by others just sleep peacefully in their buggys. I love walking.

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