Monday, October 8, 2007


I am so ready to come to my sweet California! I really can't wait! I am counting the hours now... 86 left. I am so excited to see my family and my kitty... I miss her the most (just kidding mom dad and Naomi) (Chatelaine... I really do miss you the most!) I am so excited to breathe California air, and sleep through the night again! I have never missed home so much! I miss my sewing machine a lot too! I am having withdrawals! God is so faithful, I love how he sends people to cheer me up when I need it most!


Crysti said...

Yay! You're coming home!! Can't wait to give you a hug and welcome you back :-)

Cathi Hamen said...

ok the feet were not different in the pictures.. one set was cami's and the other jordis.. try again! c