Monday, October 8, 2007

The countdown has begun...

only 74 more hours until I see my sweet home and family again! I can't wait! This has been a huge growing experience for me and I am glad I came... I am just sooo ready to come home! I really miss all the comforts of home... and not having to eat out everyday... yuck... I feel like a bloated elephant!I am so excited to get home and start sewing again... I really need to as I have a whole bunch of boutiques I am participating in that are coming up! I am really excited to see how my products do!


wapower said...

Hi Sweetie,
Well, you are about to finish up quite a life learning experience. It has had it's rough spots but you have almost made it through. Just remember as you look back on it that God has brought you through. He has said that He will not give us more that we can bear and He will bring us through. Have fun for the last hours and I'll see you when you get back to the West Coast.

Love you'


Anonymous said...

Hey there Baby Girl,
We are eager to have you home too. We are proud of you for taking on this grand adventure. I need my walking buddy back in S.C. You will finish well, having had many new and growing experiences.

Standing in the hugging position,

chrissie said...

I am glad you're coming home soon. It sounds like it's been QUITE a trip. Looking forward to seeing your sweet smile.