Monday, October 1, 2007


Now is one of those times... I just got off a 16 hour work day and I feel like crashing and crying, it's not that I don't like my job it's just hard to have no time alone... Let me explain

8am wake up, get baby up... already crying...
815put baby in pack and play... attempt to get dressed... (screaming) brush teeth... attempt to enjoy my 3 minutes of breakfast... feed baby... get peas spit at me... change (note to self: get dressed after breakfast)
845 clean room so housekeeping can clean
915 talk to housekeeping ask them to come in now... they say no problem.
920 walk around outside of hotel
923 run inside hotel... it's pouring
923.5 walk around inside... on every level.
10 walk on treadmill ( baby thought this was hilarious!)
1030 check e-mail
1031 baby screaming... as seen in last post!
1035 walk around lobby about 15 times. have the hosts tell me what an angel the baby is...
1045 go back to room... it isn't cleaned... baby takes a nap
1200 baby wakes up... feeding
1230 I eat... baby screams
1235 see housekeeper in hall ask to clean room as baby will have to go down again soon.
1240down to the lobby sit... hang out...
130 back to room bathe baby... more screaming.
200 play with baby
230 room still isn't cleaned ask housekeeper again...
300 baby naps
400 baby wakes... mom comes back for 20 minutes leaves to get dinner comes back for 20 more then leaves again..
530 baby screaming!
545 i go to get dinner... baby screaming
600 dinner arrives at my table baby screaming i ordered a pizza so i was going to eat one slice and have the rest boxed.. I take a bite...
601 lip severely burned...
603 lip blisters... I am not kidding I have a picture i will post later
607 check arrives and box for pizza I give them a 20 for my $13 bill... they bring me back a 5 1 and some change... I am not happy... what a scam!
608... search for change in my purse... give them the right tip ... not the 5 they wanted!
610 go to coldstone... get ice cream for my burning lip...
and the rest is a blur... baby screamed for the next 4 hours... i kid you not... I took a lot of time outs... I did everything possible to calm the baby down... she just wanted mommy.

I am so thankful for work but i am so glad to be done with today. it sucked. I feel better now thank you for letting me vent

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