Thursday, October 18, 2007

My kitty and A fun night

I love my Kitty! I don't think I have introduced you all to my baby yet! Her name is Chatelaine Shoemaker! She is eight years old and my princess! We are best friends! I decided that she needed some outdoor time, she is an indoor only cat, so I decided to take her for a walk today... Let's just say she wasn't very happy, she cried the whole time! I held her the whole time and we walked around the block. I ran into two ladies and they were staring at me kind of funny so I said "she isn't having a good day!" They laughed. She was happy when I carried her in the door and cuddled for a while after... all in all I think she enjoyed it :)

A dear friend of mine from high school called me today and told me he was playing (he is a jazz musician) at a restaurant tonight and asked if I wanted to come. I went and had so much fun! This is actually the guy I went to prom with my senior year! We went as friends, and no we aren't dating.
I love that I look crazy in this picture!


Jerome & Crysti said...

Super fun! See, there is some spice in your life! I've never been to a see a jazz band *wink* And to know one of the players, that's awesome :-)

Naomi said...

i thought i was your best friend. that cat beats me. that is so sad:(