Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting Excited!

I spent this afternoon preparing my "table". I haven't done a boutique before so I need to be ready to set up quickly and beautifully! My mom and I went to Marshalls and bought a table cloth for the table and a dish to hold my business cards and a picture frame to put my logo in. I have these little trees that I am making into Daisy Dots Christmas Trees! They are going to look really cute I am putting silk daisies all over them and tieing a blue and white polka dot ribbon at the top! I still need to finish 2 more of them. I am so excited! I have a screen I am putting behind me that I still have to paint and I am looking for two coat racks.... I am going to check home goods tomorrow! I am so excited! I will post some more purses and aprons for sale after Wednesday but for now everything I make is going into the boutique pile since I don't know how many I will need :) God Has Blessed me!


chrissie said...

Your table is going to be the cutest! I hope you sell lots!

Lisa Leonard said...

hope the boutique is fun! it's a great place to make connections with other crafters (besides making some sales). work it baby!