Wednesday, January 11, 2012

well... that was an unexpected trip to the ER.

This past weekend... I was sure of it... absolutely positive. I mean... I know my body well. 

I was sure I had a bladder infection. 

So... Monday Morning... I called my urologist and they told me to come in and drop off a sample. 

I went to physical therapy and then to my chiropractor and then... to the phone store. I needed to get a new phone... I was due for an upgrade, and my current phone was not accepting calls anymore. 

Being very disappointed that my current phone wasn't being offered anymore (it was a simple touch screen phone... no bells and whistles... just text and call)... all they were offering were the phones that slid and had all those tiny buttons... Then realizing that my fingers don't really press small buttons well (apparently dexterity isn't my strong point) I knew I had to get a touch screen again. 

So... my options were non existent...

Then I asked him about the smart phones... what type of minimal plan we could do (cause heaven knows... I'm cheap)... and he explained that if we downgraded the number of minutes we were using (we had been using less than half of what we were purchasing) we could do the very basic smart phone for 15 a month... but net cost it would be about 5 bucks more... because of the downgrade. 

Now... I'm not a hugely techie person... I don't need to have the internet 24/7... but the ability to move my finger over a touch screen is so much easier than pushing down a button (stupid nerves... can't work my house phone well)... so the thought of going to a "computer" for a phone was a little out of my league. 

But, I did it... I got the iPhone 3... it was the cheapest phone in the place (at only 99 Cents!!! woot)... and My mom did too! Woot woot! Go fancy Mom! We don't know how to work them... but we can make calls and text :) 

So now... I can receive phone calls again... although I'm pretty sure I liked my old system better... where they would call... and I would sleep through it ;) 

After that... I was pretty sure I could give the urologist a sample... So I went in... told the front desk lady I was ready and she told me to take a seat...

My head laid on my walker as I really really thought I had to pee badly. I walked back up to her desk.

"I really really have to go... could I please give you the sample now?" 

She pulled me back to the bathroom... and I started to get woosey... 

After I went to the bathroom I was in the worst pain...
She asked me to wait in the waiting room while they dipped it... to check for infection. 

The nurse called me back in... as I walked... I started feeling nauseous... that lump in the back of your throat feeling... My world started spinning.... 

I asked her if I could sit on the floor... She sat me back down in the waiting room... and then... she told me my urine was clear... no infection.

The doctor decided that I needed to go to the ER. 

"Great... I wasn't planning on this at all!" I thought to myself, " Seriously... I was supposed to come in... you were supposed to give me some meds... and I was supposed to go home."

"Is it ok if I call you an ambulance? You are going to have to pay at both the parking booths"

"No... I'd rather pay 6 bucks than...  a gagillion for an ambulance!" I said... trying not to vomit. 

"I'm worried you wont make it"

"Oh I will!" I told her, "There is no way that I'm being hauled out of here in an ambulance."

"The doctor just called the hospital. They know you are coming"

So... painfully... I walked down the hall... went down the elevator... across the lobby... sat on the bench... got in the car... my mom drove up the ramp to the hospital... I got out of the car... walked in... signed a paper and was taken back to a room... where I surely thought I would die  I was pretty sure I was in an enormous amount of pain.

I tried to explain to the doctor that I was a difficult stick... and then... after lots of prayer and heat on my arms... and legs... and a few sticks... we finally got the IV started on my foot... we couldn't draw blood from it... but we got it started... The vampire then came and miraculously took the blood from my arm... with only one stick... 

From this point I don't remember much... thanks to some drugs... but I know that my wonderful pastor and his wife came to see my parents and I as we sat in the er. 

They pulled me in for a cat scan... and an ultrasound... pretty sure that my appendix had burst... 

10 minutes after the scan... the doctor came in... and told me that I had a giant cyst... the size of a baseball on my ovary.

Hallelujah! Something NORMAL for once!!!! Yeah... I was excited... I've had cysts before... never this big... but at least I knew I got to go home. 

The next morning... I saw my obgyn... who did another ultrasound... and it was already shrinking. Praise God. It had shrunk by .5 cm. It isn't supposed to burst... because of they type of cyst that it is... but it should shrink. 

He told me to rest... and sleep... and it should continue to shrink. 

Then I went to my neuro... to go over the results of my Lumbar puncture... and Pelvis MRI.

"Well we saw that you have an ovarian cyst on your left ovary... pretty substantial size... but that's not whats causing your problems."

"Yeah... we found that out last night in the ER" I said laughing at the irony... 

He then told me that the rest of the LP was in the "Normal Range" 

He then told us... that the Mayo Clinc would be a good option. I put in my application last night... and they said they would call within 24 hours.

So... The Neuro is going to be working with us to get me in... Please, Please, Please pray that I can get in soon. 

xoxo- me

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