Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Moments

One of the hard parts about being sick is the constant reminders about my current state... the walker... the wobbly legs... the doctors calling... 

So... I've been practicing enjoying some little things. 

I know you can't see it here... but these two love birds have made their nest in the gutter... I'm praying we don't have a gully-washer!  I watch them every morning... as they love on each other and snuggle... rearrange their nest and enjoy the sunshine.

This is my child... Sometimes she is obedient... sometimes she isn't most days she has a hard time... My parents are threatening that I need to trade her in for a new model... but we all know that isn't going to happen.... She's may baby.... I've had her since I was 11  (p.s. see that adorable blue dresser in the background? A while back... I painted that... cute huh?)

These are the bulbs I look forward to blooming every year...  I barely got them in the ground this fall... but I had to... I put them in a raised bed... They have been in my family for YEARS! I believe it was my great great grandfather who originally purchased them from a man who had just come over from china... In my family we call them China lilies... They smell very sweet, unlike most of today's narcissus. Their fragrance wafts through the air so gently! Love them.

Happy Thursday! You are almost there... I keep asking my mom when I get a vacation (or a weekend) away  from my body...  that relief you feel when the weekend is almost here is amazing... I need that :) 

xoxo- me

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